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Multicultural urban unisex streetwear, reflecting one’s personality, for those who find home wherever they go. The clothing is inspired of the concept by the name THIRD CULTURE KIDS that representing the independence of each individual, no matter where you are or where you come from.

This is not only my story. It is the story of millions of people with mixed, varied roots. But I will start the story with my own.

Imagine – as I have lived it – existing within two different cultures at the same time, or perhaps traveling from one to another. You might think about how difficult it is to be accepted or understood, to find your identity, or to identify the cultural roots to which you belong.

At the age of 13, I, along with my father and little brother, moved to Sweden from Egypt. I was, at the age, beginning to understand my Egyptian culture. However, moving to Sweden opened a whole new world before my eyes. I had to get used to a brand-new reality, and new ways of being and doing, which was sometimes extremely difficult.

I know that I don’t look Swedish to the Swedes, or Egyptian to the Egyptians. Yet my experiences, not my appearance, had shaped my reality and perspective. The question that I was constantly asked, “Where do you come from?”, and to which I had no answer, caused me to experience a great deal of loneliness, and it depleted my energy. Finding my true identity was a long and difficult path.

Truly, it takes a very long time to find one’s identity, especially when originating from two cultures. It can feel like forever. Yet, when we find out who we are, and how special we are, then we become stronger than we ever could have imagined. We are THIRD CULTURE KIDS and the citizens of the world.

The TCK inspired clothing includes gender-neutral/ unisex garments and accessories, that can be used all year round. Some of the garments will include hidden messages, that are something inspired by the hidden identities of one’s true self, in a time where original identity is rare and decompressed away to make room for the popularity contest. This collection invites you to have the courage to look for your true characteristics.

 The colors featured in this collections are mostly in the neutral and dark color theme. Inspired by Hygge (Scandinavian style) combined with pop-up colors, to represent the strength of TCK.  The collection also features a unique selection of Egyptian-inspired patterns. This combined with the Hygge inspired color theme is to strengthen the two merged cultures.  

The owner and the creative director: Shrouk Golestaneh

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