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The Feeling of Being Home, I Never Got That...

Home is the place you come from, “so where do you come from?”

I have heard the question before.

Well, I come from different places.

“NO, but where were you born?”.

Well see that’s the thing… I’m not FROM my place of birth, cuz I have been living in so many places on earth. So, STOP telling me that I’m from the place that I have the looks for.

“Nooo, you can’t be from there, you don’t have their look, where are you really from?”

You want to know about my culture?

I have a unique culture, a culture nobody else has, you know why? Cuz my culture is a combination, a combination by every place I have been in and everyone I have met. I saw, I heard but mostly I learned.

– Shrouk Golestaneh